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    I created a Windows service that manages print requests from different custom made apps. Also each app can print on multiple documents and on multiple printers. But we recently added a new document "PLB_WP".


But for some reason, It prints fine 4 out of 5 printers. The other one, it prints when it feels like it. So either I get a blank sticker or a perfect sticker with the document wanted. 


At first I thought it was a communication issue between the printer and the server but there's another printer 50 feet from the problematic one and it always work on that one. While writing this post, I thought maybe the difference between the 2 printers is the memory but they have the same amount. (Datamax H-6308) Also my document is like 75 kb so it shouldn't be a problem.


Any ideas?


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So maybe I found a lead on a possible. For some unknown reason, that sticker was using a different font then others. Switch it to same font as the other ones and It seems to do the trick. I'll continue investigating while in a production environment.



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