Vb Script To Query From An Excel Spreadsheet Follow

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Here’s what we’d like to have happen.   The user, at a prompt, enters a unique code number in a text object.  In the database, an Excel spreadsheet, there

is a list in column A of many code numbers and in the adjacent cell in column B there is a name associated with each unique code number.  The script needs to query the code number and place the associated name into a second text object.  In another similar situation, outside of Bartender, we have a script, =VLOOKUP(Sheet1!A2,Sheet1!A:B,2,FALSE)” that does this operation.  We’re pretty well versed in working with text objects but have never done any type of this programming in Bartender.  Will this VLOOKUP function work and could you suggest how we use the database wizard to set this up?  Hope what we’re trying to accomplish is clear and thanks in advance for your interest and help.  Michael.

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