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We just purchased bartender enterprise automation with 5 printer license. I am new to bartender but catching up to speed very quickly.


My environment is:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, running bartender enterprise with several integrations deployed
  • Windows 7 pcs and Windows 10 pcs in warehouse with Zebra thermal printers connected to them via USB, bartender software not installed on these machines, only seagull drivers



Web service integration cannot use a shared network printer?

  • I get access is denied when using the printer share name (URL encoded or not), e.g. \\pc-name\printer-name
  • I get invalid name when trying to use the printer name directly, e.g. the display name on the machine that has the shared printer mapped to it
  • See screenshots attached.


Troubleshooting so far:

  • I print labels fine from bartender label designer on the server 2012 box to the shared printer names
  • I print labels from every other pc in the building to shared printer names
  • I installed bartender on a pc with USB therm printer connected to it and the same web service integration works fine, prints various templates based on query parameters, all things looking good.


It seems that the issue is that bartender integration does not like the shared printers and I am thinking I now have to remove the integration service off the server and run it directly on a pc that has the thermal printers hooked up to it - but I would like to avoid this if possible.


Appreciate any help.


Thanks  in advance,




Ian Cummings
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I suppose that the use of a UNC path in the printer instance name isn't helping matters when using via web services.  I'd guess you'd need to escape out the \ characters.  In any case, on your Integration Platform server, I suggest you make a local install of the printer driver instance, give it a normal (non-UNC path syntax) name, and then create and use a local port with the UNC path to the share as a value.  All should work fine and that is the recommended configuration in any case.

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