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Hello Support, 


I'm not sure if this is in the correct forum, however I need some help with BarTenders security.


I've recently fired my IT guy due to company embezzlement, needless to say I can not ask him for the password.


When he setup our product labels, he password protected them with a print only password. Since he has been dismissed, we have made several changes and need to update the labels that go out on all of our products.


Can someone please give me a hand figuring out what I need to do to restore my access to the software so that I can make changes?


Any help would be appreciated




DC Power Engineering, Inc.



Shotaro Ito
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Hello Brian,

When the document itself is password protected for Edit (File>BarTender Document Password), Seagull doesn't have any method to unlock unless you know the password.

If the BarTender itself is locked in Print Only Mode, try

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