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We have a question about license of SLS printers.

Currently we have 3 printer license ( Automation).In our system there are
two printers,Citizen CLP-631Z and Citizen CL-S703.
Citizen CL-S703 is shared in network, another client prints on that.
Attached picture shows that SLS server can see 3 printers, while the second
and the third one is the same (printer location: NY4 ==
If we would buy a third printer the license number would be insufficient,
because now one counts two.

What can I do with SLS to see one?

SLS 9.4 SR3 (2781)

Szabó István


Susan Chen
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[attachment=80:tcpip6.jpg][attachment=76:tcpip2.jpg]Hi: Szabó István

Your CL-S703 second column in SLS and CL-S703 third column in SLS is the same TCP/IP printer? If yes, please follow the below TCP/IP printer driver installation method on each client use this printer. It will show up one column only for printer location: for one TCP/IP CL-S703 printer.

After download the printer driver from our web site You can double-click on the executable and follow the instructions.

1) After running the executable & agreeing to the EULA,[attachment=75:rtcpip1.jpg]

2) Follow the Driver Wizrad instruction

3) Select to install printer driver

4) Select your printer model[attachment=78:tcpip4.jpg]

5) Add port if you don't have "Standard" TCP/IP Port. If you already do, select it.[attachment=79:tcpip5.jpg]
5i) If you add a new port, the Wizard will start.

5ii) Enter your printer’s IP
6) Complete adding the printer.

The second column for NY4\Citizen CL-S703 will be gone after 7 days without use it. You can reference


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