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I'm currently trying to print a TIFF image on a label using Bar Tender. I'm able copy and paste a TIFF image onto a label into Bar Tender, and the label prints out fine. However, after I save the file, and later re-open the label file, the TIFF image(combination of text & symbols) is smudged/blurred and unreadable. So I have to re-create the label file, but I can never get the file to be saved with the proper image; the image always get corrupted.

Can someone please advise on why this may be happening, and what I can do to remedy issue? Is there a limitation on file image size? Thanks in advance.




Susan Chen

Dear MJ:

1)Have you tried to adjust the image through "Picture" tab on "Picture Dimensions" "Sizing method" to see if it can fit your requirement better?

2)Is there a possibilty you convert to the other format(eg.jpeg,bmp) to see if makes difference?

3)After you save, when you open again, does the tiff image change? Printer you use?

It will be difficult to give you any more specific guidance without your tiff image. If you need additional help, I recommend that you send your tiff image and the label file to contact local support office for more personalized assistance for this issue. Support contact information:
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Hi there

That's exactly what i want to do.Although this is an old topic,i believe there would be a great solution.I want to print tiff files.But my present tiff program can only

print single tiff files.I know there are many tiff program which supports to save tiff image or do other tiff image processing issues.But is there any tiff program which supports

to process multipage tiff files.Thanks for any suggestion.

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