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Hey Everyone!

I have a somewhat heavy problem here that I need to solve :huh: . We use Bartender to print barcodes n stuff on pre-printed offset sheets for producing plastic cards.

Normally on one sheet there are 3 colums and 9 rows with only one design - great and easy to fill the codes/perso data in bartender. But how do I add label info on only a part of the sheet and add another info on the other part of the sheet? :blink:

Here's an example sheet with 3 rows, and 3 colums (9 labels):

A | A | B
A | A | B
A | B | C

I hope it's somewhat clear what I mean. A, B and C are different designs and also different data sources and completelly different layouts in bartender - but at least the size of the single label is the same. Is there any chance at all to do this in bartender?

Here is a picture of a printed sheet (you have to add the www. in front of it in order to see the picture):

Let's hope some of you genius people can help :)


Shotaro Ito
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Hi midorner,

Unfortunately BarTender doesn't have that capability - place different label formats on a page. BarTender's print job is only for repeating same format with with the same records.

If the printer is capable of print on to same paper again, you can print first layout, then feed the paper to printer again and print another layout in left space, by enabling [Prompt for stating label number at print time]in Page setup > Printing order.
[attachment=52:starting label dialog.png]
Hope that helps.

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