Issue With Printer Code Templates With Sato Printer Follow


I have a bartender format that has a code 128 barcode and a code 39 barcode on it.  I have the printer setup as a SATO CL608e with the driver version 7.3.7.  I export the printer code template and send it then to the printer and the barcodes are not readable by a scanner.  If i use the same format file and change the printer to a Zebra printer and export it, it prints and the barcodes are readable.

if i modify the export file for the sato and put * characters around the code 39 barcode it is readable, but this will not fix the code 128 issue.


are there known issues with exporting printer code templates for SATO printers?


Domingo Rodriguez
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  1. If you directly print from BarTender will the bar codes be legible?
  2. What type of print system have you selected for exporting your printer code templates?
  3. What  Edition, version and build of BarTender is in use? What Seagull driver version?
  4. Attach the simplest BarTender document (.btw) and PCT which reproduces the issue (so, just one Code 128 bar code on it). Use the "More Reply Options" button for this. Also attach a scan of the printed label.
  5. As a test, try using alternate control codes instead. You need to configure this both in the printer via a DIP switch or front panel setting and in the printer driver properties dialog (via the "Tools > Configure > Printer Options" drop down list item).


  • Standard Control Codes.  By default, the Standard Protocol Control
    codes are used.  If the printer is set to use Non-Standard Protocol Control
    codes (via a DIP switch or front panel setting), you must uncheck this option
    for the driver to use the alternate control codes when printing.  The alternate
    set of control codes consists of only printable characters, and may be needed in
    certain networked printing environments.  


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