Filling In Padded Characters With Serialisation Follow


Bartender V8.01 Enterprise


My barcode consists of 14 alphanumeric characters in total.

This can be broken down to a static 6 alpha character prefix, followed by 6 numerical character serial and lastly a static 2 alpha character suffix. There are spaces padding the prefix and serial number to the right hand side when the full 6 characters are missing.

An example : CIVO--1-----15 or CIV---4200--15  (- represents a space)

The serial number should fill in the spaces to the right as the units increase. 1's to 10's to 100's...


With regards to the 6 digit serial number, my problem is incrementing or decrementing whilst it is padded. In the above example, Bartender will not change the 1 to a 2 or the 4200 to 4201.


The minimum from data sources has been set up for 6 characters to the right, and serialisation is enabled for Numeric Base 10 with all only Preserve sub-string lenght checked.


Neither the prefix or suffix are concerns, simply the serial.


Thanks for any advice.


Shotaro Ito
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Not sure this works fine on Ver8 though..


Create a text object (ex. "TxSERIAL") outside of label, enable serialization.

In the barcode, add a datasource, and get data from Object value of TxSERIAL (label object string in older ver)

On the datasource, apply minimum character of 6 and pad by space from right.

Legacy Poster
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Thank you, your suggestion works.


To reiterate for the few remaining Ver8 users out there...

Outside text object: Serialisation enabled, with preserved sub-string length unchecked. Minimum (padding) disabled.

Barcode: Data source label object string linked to text object. Minimum enabled.

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