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I am attempting to change a barcode default value from 800 to 4000.

This barcode is controlled by a named data source, "QuantityValue", which is linked to a Data Entry Control, "CartonQuantityPrompt" (Frequency: Once at Start of Print Job)

"QuantityValue" has no other transforms.


I have changed the value of the Data Source named "QuantityValue" from four different properties windows, but each time I try to save the label file, it always resets, back to 800, upon screen-refresh.


What have I missed?


Thank you much!






Ian Cummings
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What data source type is the named "QuantityValue"?  Is it an embedded value?  If so, then just set the value of this to be what you want as the default and then save.  I assume there is something else going on so you'll probably need to send us your BarTender document to examine.

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I just found the source of my problem! OnSave event code


I suspected I had created an "OnSave" event to reset the QuantityValue, but I could not find any such Visual Basic Script sources until they generated an error.


Do the Event Scripts appear in any toolbars? Is there any visual indication that they exist outside the document properties window? I would have never expected to find them there.


Thank you very much for the response, Ian C!

-sols :)

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