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A customer of us is using bartender to print labels in their production environment.

One of the fields on the label is a material description that can contain german characters such as Ü.


Currently instead of Ü, it is printing Ã1/4.

The field on the label is a text field with font Arial.


I have tried changing the encoding type in commander job. I tried with all UTF types and ssome European types, but always same issue.


Can anyone please advice how to fix this?

It is quite urgent since it is in a productive environment.


Thank you.


Ian Cummings
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This is either a codepage issue in BarTender or Commander, or a device font in use that doesn't support these extended ASCII characters.


When you print the label in BarTender directly do you get the same problem?  Check the font setting for the text object, particularly to see if the font substitution checkbox has been enabled.  Make sure that the code page in use for the BarTender document's database setup is selected correctly according to the file in use at print time.


To fault find further, run Commander as an application and make the BarTender processes visible to see what is going on inside BarTender at time of print.

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