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I am struggling with the enclosed label and would like some help.


Essentially, there are 3 places where a date is required.


There is a production date as Julian date (shown on the label as 233 so this is achieved using jjj in the format).


There is also a use by date shown as 03/09/15 (UK format) which has an offset of x days


There is the same use by date on the barcode shown as 150903


What I am finding is that if I link the production date with the use by date, the offset will affect both.


I would like to use the production date as the date to enter when printing a label and the 2 other dates to calculate themselves


Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm sure it's a simple challenge but I have tried different ways without success.


Many thanks


Shotaro Ito
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Create a text (DATE1)with date data source, at outside of the label.

Link data entry control (date picker etc) to DATE1's data source.


You can create temporary object and reference the value as object value, then apply offset / format independently.


Create a text (PROD_DATE), and set datasouce as Object Value of DATE1. From data format, Apply Jurian date format.


Create a text (EXP_DATE), and set datasouce as Object Value of DATE1.  From data format, Apply date format. From transform, apply Offset.


In the barcode datasource, insert datasource as Object Value of DATE1. From data format, Apply date format yyMMdd.  From transform, apply Offset.


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Hi Shotaro!, i see your post, but i new on this, can you make an example?, because i can't make ir work, the date don't change.





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