Serialization And Printing Sequence Follow


I have been trying to serialize label sets used for sample collection in a lab.

This is what I've managed to make in BT2016 Automation so far:




The number is basically a unique order number, some labels have a 3 digit prefix, some don't. The first 4 digits are determined via data entry form, the last 3 digits is an element with an increment serialization.

Depending on what is requested for the order, the proper labels are used, the rest discarded.

The labels should be grouped together like in the above image (a preview of a single number)


In the next example, showing a preview of a serialization of 3.



The label set is now broken up, as the serialization ends up printing 3 labels of the first record, then 3 labels of the second etc.

I need it to print the 15 records, and then repeat that, each with the number incremented by 1.


The data sheet these labels are based on looks like this:

Prefix	BC	Naam	         Kleur	formaat	Invulveld onder	               Invulveld boven
200	j	serum TLA	 geel	groot		
290	j	serum carry-over geel	groot		
050	j	bloedb.+bse+Hba1 paars	klein		
060	j	EDTA plasma TLA	 paars	groot		
		overige			        geb_______________________	naam_____________________
300	j	stolling	 blauw			
056	j	EDTA volbloed	 paars	groot		
723	j	vitamine B	 paars	groot		
	j	KFL				
		overige			        geb_______________________	naam_____________________
		LMMI	         geel	groot	geb_______________________	naam_____________________
		bloedgroep	 paars	groot	geb_______________________	naam_____________________
600	j	urine chemie TLA dunne	buis		
610	j	urine overige	 dikke	buis		

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get it to work the way I need it to?


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looks more like you have selected 3 COPIES instead of 3 serialized at print time.

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[attachment=2107:Transforms settings.png]


These are the current serialization settings I have.


Increment is at 1.

When to increment is currently set to every copy, at an interval of 15. This perfectly explains the numbers of the first 15 labels being ...000, and the next 15 being ...001 and the last 15 being ...002.

In the print quantity Serial numbers is set to 3 and copies per serial number is set to 1.



Now I've already tried several different combination of settings of events, intervals, serial numbers and copies per serial. 

I always end up with an X amount of label 1, then an X amount of label 2, etc. up to label 15 with the numbers being serialized as expected, instead of labels 1...15 with number ...000, then labels 1...15 with number ...001, then labels 1...15 with number ...002 etc.



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