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I have at template two cells:



expiry date,


I have choose date from "date picker", and this is a cell "date", "expiry date" i set from cell "date" with offset.


Expiry date is setting from current date, but not from date, which I choose, why?


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It sounds like you haven't linked the two fields together and so the offset is being applied to the PCs system date.


In 2016 (there are probably other ways to do it, but I know this works): 


(For the Date Picker field I called this "pickeddate" rather than just "date" as this is could be used a function call)


For the expiry date field I set this as a "Date" Data Type and set up the offset from the Transforms tab making sure to tick to "Apply after Data Entry" and then on the Data Source tab set the Source to Visual Basic Script>Multi-Line Script and then used the Edit with Script Assistant button and changed the default line to 


Value =      


and then double clicked on the pickeddate Named Data Source name/icon in the right hand column which gave me


Value = Format.NamedSubStrings("pickeddate").Value


and then clicked Close to complete the setup.

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