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I am pretty new to BarTender and actually I was the one in my office that pushed to use it. So I have a database of products, weights, and bags of product per shipping bin. I have figured out how to setup a drop down box to display my products in the DB. I would like the user to be able to insert into a prompt at print time the amount of bags of product to be ran. The issue I am having is not sure how to display on the label how many bags are in each bin dependent on the amount it can hold. Example: I have a bin that can hold 50 bags of product, bit the run is for 60 bags. I would like to be able to print 2 labels with the same info except for listing that 1 has 50 bags and the other has 10. I figure this needs to be done with a VBScript. I have experience programming in VB but im not sure if all the syntax are the same. Any help or direction is appreciated.



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Hi JKirkwood, would the [url=""]reply[/url] helps it? (I know that post was raided by spammer - sorry for the inconvenience.)

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