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I need to do a relatively simple task but after much googling and digging I haven't found a straightforward way of doing this yet with BarTender 9.4, other than writing a sizeable VB script:

I want to be able to
1. display a print page with a few drop-down list fields populated by our oracle database. After the user hits Print, BT prints out serialized labels with content based on what values the user selected

(the above is already working)

2. insert new records into the same oracle database, with rows that contain the info from the new serialized labels

What would be the best way to do this? If VB script is the only option, does somebody have an example that does this or something similar?



Shotaro Ito
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Hi Paul,

As BarTender's database connection is read-only,
You need to set script on OnSerialize event of Event control script in datasource, to write back value for each serialized label.

To connect and update Oracle via VBScript, see some web resources such as.. (oh, not much.)

VBScript and Oracle

Rollback Oracle transactions in VBScript

Another thought is using text job log function, Available in Automation edition or above.
In Administer menu > Log setup > Text file log tab > Log print job information > setup, you can create job log.
By Organisation:[Separate Files], you can create text file for each print job.
By Output type:[Quote And Comma Delimited], you can create CSV file which easier to work with oracle.
By disable all options in Header tab and Footer tab, then set desired column in Per label tab, the csv row will be created for each serialized labels.
You need an application to pick the CSV file and update database though. (Wonder Commander and OS command to run VBScript works or not.)

Hope that helps!

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