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Hi there. I'm facing problem using vb script with SQL query to get the info i want from Excel file.

My Excel file basically has 5 fields in Ship To Lists sheet,
Name Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 Address 4

I have did a dropdown list to get the Name field.That works ok. I also gave it a share name call Place.

What i want is a query that can return the address 1 field based on what the user has selected for the dropdown list.
This is what i did for the code but i kept getting expected end of statement error in the query.

Dim strQuery
strQuery = "SELECT [Address 1] FROM [Ship To Lists$] WHERE [Name] = '& Format.NamedSubstrings("Place").Value & '

I think i have mislook something. Please help me look on this.
I didn't post my above code (connection) and below code (loop to search) here. But that's all work fine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Shotaro Ito
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At least you need to quote string by "" (double quotations) - would it work?
"SELECT [Address 1] FROM [Ship To Lists$] WHERE [Name] = '" & Format.NamedSubstrings("Place").Value & "'"

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