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What Triggers A Vbscript?



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    From a chat session:

    That may be the problem. I'd try putting it to a separate object
    and set it to 'OnPostPrompt', it may just be a timing issue, it populates
    before NDSScan05 is populated.

    What you'll want to do is to create a new text
    object, put it off the label, then set the source to VB Script.

    Set the script type to 'Event Control Scripts', then
    go into the editor, you can select when you want the script to fire off.


    VBScripts that are set as part of the Data Source Properties for a TYPE like Embedded Data, fire on entry to the Text Box they are attached to.

    When a Data Source TYPE is set to VBScript and the SCRIPT TYPE is set to EVENT CONTROL SCRIPT, then you have a list of choices of when to fire the script.

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    Domingo Rodriguez

    Does it mean that your question is solved now and you're up and running, or do you require further help?

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