How Do I Set Text Of A Text Field On The Tag Follow


Simple question, how do I set the Text of a field?


So if I have something like this


If Text 1 = "a" then

Text 2.setText = "b"

End If


Okay... new question. If I have two text fields on the screen, I went to data types and named each, how do get the value of String data in the first Text Field to do a comparison?


my code so far:


Dim b = Field(t2).value
If b = "11" Then
Value = Value + "1233"
End If
Figured it out: (t2 is a seperate Text Field); i put the code in the properties of the TextField to be changed. (Name the Text Fields in properties -> Data Source -> Name(first tab) )
b = t2 
If b = "11" Then
Value = Value + "address 1"
Value = Value + "address 2"
End If


Domingo Rodriguez
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Are you trying to use Visual Basic Script directly on the label, or are you wishing to automate BarTender via a VB6 developed application?


From your post I'm not sure if you actually have a question for us. Could you please clarify?

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