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In the attached btw vb scripting is used to change the Y position of "Tekst 4" to the Y position of "Tekst 3" if "Tekst 3" is empty.

The value of "Tekst 3" is loaded from a MS SQL database field.


If Format.Objects("Tekst 3").Value = "" Then
msgbox "ja"
    Format.Objects("Tekst 4").Y = Format.Objects("Tekst 3").Y
    Format.Objects("Tekst 5").Y = Format.Objects("Tekst 3").Y
msgbox "nee"
End If


But this isn't working, the position isn't changed when I move to the next record.


Shotaro Ito
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it looks script itself is fine - When I open document, Tekst 4 moved up a bit.

Because Tekst 3's reference point is mid left and Tekst4's reference point is top, tekst 4 climb up to half the height of the tekst 3. 


Besides, If you want to skip line when no data from field, consider to have a multiline text with some data sources connected.


datasource1 : <FIELD1>

datasource2 : <<CR>> Suppress when previous datasource is empty

datasource3 : <FIELD2>

datasource4 : <<CR>> Suppress when previous datasource is empty

datasource5 : <FIELD3>


<<CR>> can be entered from Ω button > Control characters.

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