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Need some advice regarding Bartender and VB scripts.


This is what I need to do.......


The company I work for uses Bartender and Print Station in our production department to produce labels for printed packaging.


The operator scans in a job number, bartender then interrogates the database and populates fields on the labels such as job description, customer, sales order number etc.


I have added a Global Data Field to store a serialized reel number.


This bit is where I get stuck!!!.... I need bartender to write the data on the labels back to a SQL database (already setup) so that we have a history of every label and reel produced.


Is this possible?? 


Adam Flores Sr
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Hello,Legacy Poster,

I see that posted this question about 5 Years ago,

did you ever resolved this issue,


I find it Rude that no one responded to you r question.

But if you were able to resolve it, Would you mind Sharing you solution for everybody's benefit.


Thank you

Adam Flores Sr.


Pete Thane
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I have not tried this personally but in 2019 there is a way achieve this via the Actions. This webinar may point yoi in the the right direction




If you juts need to log the data fro traceability purposes and it does not need to be written back to your products database then you could just using the logging functionality already buult in to BarTender (9Administer>Log Setup and then configure via Administration Console). However if the data would be needed more than 7 days after it was logged then you would need to be running the Enterprise edition of the software.

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