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Dear Users,


I am trying to ask BarTender to do a calculation in order to obtain a value. 


I am printing a label that needs to display two prices in different currencies. My idea is to generate one currency from the other. The Exchange Rate is fixed and hardly changes. so it makes sense to fix the rate in my formula. 


I have researched and looked around and the only way to do it is via a VB Script. However, I have zero knowledge in this area. Can someone help me how to do it? 


The first currency field is derived from a database SQL and imported. the second should take that value and mullitply it by 1507.


what should I do?





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First create a data source to store the converted value in. Inside this data source you should create a vb script that multiplies the currency retrieved from the databasefield * 1507.


Your script should look like this:

Value = Field("EnterTableName.EnterFieldName") * 1507

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