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I have successfully (with the help of others) printed a label document that is triggered whenever a new record is added to an SQL database.

The issue now is that I cant figure out how to get the label document to print only the latest record that was dectected in the first place.

The default action in the Integration Builder is to use the document settings such as print "First Record Only", "All records", Selected Records" etc. There is a "Current Record" option in Integration builder but it doesnt work or I dont understand its function because it complains about a Btxml text file.......



Ian Cummings
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1)    Create Named Data Sources on the label and set objects to use them.
2)    For the Print Document Action
a.    Uncheck the “Use data source” option
b.    Check the “Specify Values for Named Data Sources” and setup a column name to named data source variable map. For example:
Name    | Value
Street    | %Street%
Zip         | %Zip%

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