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We have the professional edition 10.1 SR3, not the automation one, if that matters.


I just want a field to print depending on the value of another one.   If Wh=S0 I want the Text7 (not attached to a source, just static text 'NON-STOCK') to show and I want my Barcode1 object to now show.  See the attachment.


I used the 'Printer Code Modifier';   I dragged the object Field("tblLabel.WH") from the choices and did that simple test.



Dim MyVar

If Field("tblLabel.WH") ="S0" Then 

End If




It keeps giving me error "Mismatch 'Field'".


I played with various syntax found on internet, derived from; examples like


  • Format.NamedSubStrings("Field1").Value
  • Format.Objects("Text 1").PrintVisibility
  • or simply value="" vs value ="NON-STOCK"


I had a look at


but spent way too much time on this, with only errors... I can't even pass the 1st line; the syntax of this BarTenderMs vbscript seems to be very unique!


Thanks for any help 





Ian Cummings
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The Print Code Modifier (PCM) is the wrong tool to use for this.  In the object/data source that you wish to optionally print or not, use an event VB script with your If..Then statement.  Note that you use the "value = X" expression to set the value of the script's data source.  Set it to something for it to print, and nothing "" if you don't want it to print.

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