Datamax I-4208 Not Receiving All Print Jobs Follow

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I'm having an issue when I am sending quite a few images to the Datamax I-4208 printer using the USB card and drivers for storage.
I send from a C program I have written, and have just over 70 images.
I get the same results if the printer is connected, or if disconnected and spool all the jobs, then connect the printer.
I send 1 print job per image, and if I have the printer turned off or disconnected, the correct number of print jobs appear in the windows spooler, indicating that the program is working correctly
I use the same print routine for all images in a for-next loop, so nothing changes programatically between the first and last image
When the printer is switched back on, it sends all print jobs to the printer very fast, but only 35 images are received (with a module D print)
There is plenty of room on the module as they are small images (1-4k each)
Has anyone else had a similar problem?



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