Network Setup For Datamax St-3210 (citrix) Follow

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I know you suggest use Bartender for printing tickets on that printer - Datamax ST-3210, but maybe you can give advice for our problem.

We work via Citrix environment. Connect to remote Citrix server, where remote application starts. There we can initiate ticket printing.
But printer is connected to local computer via USB. It prints tickets in local copy of our aplication very good. ALl tickets are of the same size.

Then we connect to remote Citrix server, there we get automatically generated Citrix printer (all last drivers for Datamax ST-3210 are installed on server) and from Citrix printing becomes very unpredictable. All tickets cut on different lenght, so all tickets have different size. And the worst thing is that printer sometimes pulls back paper too much and can not print, becouse paper can not be tacken forward by printhead latch.

Every ticket is separate print job from application containing one page of information. We need to put option "Cut after every page" in printing preferences cut tickets.

Is there any advice how to organize proper ptinting in citrix, or using network print server? Or that printer is only for local printing via USB?

p.s. OR can we find tech support in Moscow (Russian) for such a complex question.

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