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Driver Settings Migration With Different Driver Versions


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    Ian Cummings
    The old printer drivers you were using were from a different software vendor. Meaning, we didn't make the old drivers so it's not possible to import the settings.

    It might be helpful for you to know that installation of the drivers can be scripted into a command line and put into a batch file for mass installation.

    DriverWizard Command Line Documentation

    Example Usage

    DriverWizard.exe install /name:"Printer Name" /model:"Driver Name" /default /share:"Share Name" /port:"LPT1"
    DriverWizard.exe install /autodetect

    Command Parameters
    Parameter Description
    /name The name of the printer. (This is the "friendly" name shown in the Printers Folder.)
    /model The name of the driver.
    /default This will set the printer as the default printer.
    /share This will set the printer as a shared printer with the specified name.
    /port The port the printer is connected to.
    /autodetect DriverWizard will look for any PnP printers that were recently connected and install the driver.

    Example Usage

    DriverWizard.exe remove /printer:"Name of Printer"
    DriverWizard.exe remove /driver:"Name of Driver"
    DriverWizard.exe remove /all /driver
    DriverWizard.exe remove /all /driver:"Name of Printer Manufacturer"
    DriverWizard.exe remove /monitor:"Name of Monitor"
    DriverWizard.exe remove /file:"Name of File"

    Command Parameters
    Parameter Description

    /printer Remove a printer. This is the "friendly" name displayed in the Printers Folder.
    /driver Remove a printer driver. (The driver will only be removed if there are no printers using the driver.)
    /monitor Remove a language monitor or port monitor.
    /file Remove a file. The full path name must be specified.

    The /all option
    Only works with /driver.
    It will remove all drivers and associated printer and file from the system.

    Specifying a Printer Manufacturer will remove all printers and drivers of that manufacturer only.
    Batch Commands

    Example Usage
    DriverWizard.exe @C:\commands.txt
    DriverWizard will execute the specified command file. A command file is a text file containing commands defined above.

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