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Print Barcode Using .net Printing Class And Seagull Drivers


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    Shotaro Ito
    [quote name='DanB' timestamp='1333441153' post='2127']

    I'm trying to build a .Net application for printing on a thermal printer (Zebra ZM600 - installed using Seagull Drivers) using GDI and System.Drawing.Printing class.
    I want to print a barcode and I'm using a free 39 barcode font that I found on the internet and the method Graphics.DrawString using the barcode font as the font parameter in the method.

    Hi Dan,
    As a Seagull Scientific's support, I strongly recommend to use BarTender Automation Edition for automated Barcode printing.
    With BarTender and Seagull driver, you can use printer's barcode object.
    By control BarTender from ActiveX COM or .net SDK, you can print barcode labels from your custom application.
    See [url=""]White papers about integration[/url] for detail.

    Please try with [url=""]BarTender trial edition[/url] - which allows full function of BarTender including automation features for 30 days.

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