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Default Stock Size For Different Printers



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    Shotaro Ito
    Defaults.sds is shared by all Seagull drivers.
    One option that might help is, import .sds file, after driver installed.
    You can import / export printer setting from Printer properties > Tools tab > Driver options.

    You can import SDS file by command line utility "SSDAL.exe" too.
    [code]SSDAL.EXE /p "Zebra TLP3844-Z" settings import "C:\bar.sds" [/code]
    SSDAL.exe will be installed in C:\Windows\ folder by default.
    for other functionality of SSDAL, see help command in SSDAL.exe /?
    (below is extract.)
    [code]C:\>ssdal /?
    SSDAL - Seagull Scientific Driver Automation Layer

    SSDAL is a command line tool to automate many common driver operations.

    For more information, type the following:

    ssdal help commands Lists all commands.
    ssdal help <command> Help on a specific command.
    ssdal help usage Generic command line arguments.

    C:\>ssdal help commands
    action Performs various actions on the printer driver.
    get Get printer information.
    queue Allows control of the printer queue.
    send Sends a file to the printer.
    set Set printer information.
    settings Manipulate the settings of the printer driver.
    version Gets version information.

    C:\>ssdal help usage
    SSDAL usage:

    SSDAL [options] command [args ...]


    /p <name> - Specify Printer. This option can be used multiple times to
    specify more than one printer.

    example: ssdal /p "Printer1" /p "Printer2" get status

    /a - All Printers. The command will be executed for each printer drive
    installed on the system.

    example: ssdal /a settings import "C:\somefile.txt"

    /q - Quiet Mode. No errors or warnings will be displayed.

    example: ssdal /p "Printer 1" /q settings import "C:\somefile.txt"

    command - a specific action to perform. Commands have their own help
    section. See individual command help for more information.

    [args] - These are the arguments for the command. See individual help
    for commands.

    The default printer is used if no printers are specified.

    Not all commands support multiple printers. Check the help for the
    command to see if it supports multiple printers.

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    Legacy Poster

    Sorry for digging out this old thread, but I have problems to find the ssdal.exe.

    I installed both Zebra Printing Driver 7.2 and 7.4 but cannot find the mentioned config tool. I searched on the entire C: Drive.

    Was this tool removed or I am to blind to find it?


    I use an Zebra GK420t EPL btw..

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    Shotaro Ito

    You need to download Seagull driver for Zebra,

    then install a driver for your GK420t. SSDAL.exe will be installed into C:\Windows\ folder.


    If you use USB connection to the printer, the current driver might not be Seagull driver (such as ZDesigner driver automatically installed by Plug and Play).

    In such case you need to update driver from Printer Properties > Advanced > New driver.

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    Legacy Poster

    Hi, I am new to this forum, I have been reading  and wondered if this information below would follow
    the same to your scenario.  We have created
    an .sds file that's supposed to hold the Graphics-Dithering setting to
    none.  When we run the printer install
    using Active Directory calling a vb script. 
    The printer installs correctly (driver version 7.3.6).  When a another user logs on the
    Graphics-Dithering goes to Halftone.  We
    created and have older .sds files that do change, the printing preference
    graphics option stays at none.  Since we
    upgraded, the global change will not stick. 
    Has anyone seen or had this issue. 
    We have not changed our process. 
    Hopefully we can get a solution. 
    Thank You


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