Can I Export Printer Names And Label Size? Follow


Is it possible to get a list of installed printers (specifically Zebra printers) and their properties, mainly label size, margins and orientation?


I use these command lines to send my list of printers to printers.txt on the desktop but it doesn't include paper sizes.


CScript //H:CScript //S

prnmngr -l |findstr /i /c:"Printer name" /c:"Share name"  /c:"Driver name" /c:"Port name" /c:Comment /c:Location /c:"Print processor" /c:Attributes > desktop\printers.txt




Ian Cummings
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For what reason are you wanting this information for?


I suppose the information supplied via the "About" tab of the printer driver, by clicking the "Version" button, and then the "Save" button in the dialog that opens to save the details to file, is not fit for your purposes?

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