Doesn't Print With Z6Mplus And Server 2012R2 Follow


Hye everybody,

  I have a problem with an printer zebra z6mplus that it connect with a print server in parallel port and my server 2012r2.


I tried a different driver on my server.  Zdesigner or zebra driver z6mplus 203 dpi did do the same problem.  It printed a white sticker.  So I tested a print test with any driver and the same result.


Do you have an issue for this case?


Thank you for your solution.



Shotaro Ito
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Using printer manual, Try factory reset the printer. Using Seagull driver.

Try disable bi-directional communication from printer properties > Ports tab, as often print server device doesn't handle bi-directional communication.

Try the print server on the other PC / Printer to check it works properly or not.

Using printer manual, try print diagnostic / setup parameter label. If it comes with white, that's not about driver / print server. 

Also check using parallel port type (SPP/EPP/ECP) and match print server settings.

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