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Wps And Performance/hardware Requirements


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    Domingo Rodriguez

    BT-WPS Admin site (http://localhost/BT-WPS/btadmin.aspx) allows you to increase / decrease the number of total BarTender processes running concurrently in the system. The recommended amount of processes is between 3 and 5, but you can try to stretch it up a bit (if performance continues to be acceptable). By default, each BarTender process makes use of a separate portion of 512 Kb of non-interactive Windows desktop heap. If needed, you could also increase this value in BT-WPS web.config file:


     <!-- Desktop Heap Size in KB per BarTender process started. Set to 0 to disable and use the shared Desktop Heap -->
        <add key="DesktopHeapSize" value="512" />
    BarTender minimum specs are specified below:
    As for the Windows version I would recommend: Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012. As for the RAM: 4 to 8 Gb.
    In terms of memory management, a 64 bit OS would clearly give you advantage, but in terms of the BarTender processes, as BarTender is a 32 bit application, you won't benefit from a 64 bit OS in this respect.
    Hope this helps.

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