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Ios Safari Not Rendering All Pages Wps Pages Accurately



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    Ian Cummings

    I see your're not using the latest service release.  Please give SR4 a try:

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    Jasper Wen

    The current version 10.1 of WPS really wasn't designed to handle mobile browser screensizes. We are looking to improving this in future releases.


    For users using version 10.1 of BarTender (probably older versions as well) that are running into this issue with mobile web browsers, there are some workarounds below you can try.


    1) Move the buttons to the left side of the data entry form. The core problem for this issue is that the data entry form is chopped off on the right side, which causes the buttons to disappear. If we move the buttons to the left-side instead of the right side, you can proceed to print, print preview, or go back, but the data entry form itself will still be chopped off.


    To make this change, modify the file c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bt-wps\panels\DataEntryPanel.ascx in a text editor.


    On line 66 toward the bottom, change the line:

    <div style="float:right;"> to <div style="float:left;">


    2) We can also enable horizontal scrolling across the page body so that the entire data entry form is scrollable. This is independent of the previous workaround (if the entire page is horizontally scrollable, you can have the buttons on either the left or right side, and they'll still be accessible). Note that this leads to some other minor graphical glitches across the site, but it should directly address the problem.

    To make this change, modify the file c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bt-wps\Stylesheets\main.css in a text editor.


    On line 154 (inside the "#bd" section), change the line:


    overflow: hidden; to overflow-y: hidden;

    Note that after making these modifications, you'll want to run an "iisreset" to ensure that the changes are saved, and make sure to fully refresh the browser on the tablet to avoid any browser caching from the old css.


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