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I have a user leaving for LOA and his temp replacement is set up on the machine as a Power User, when I launch the Bartender 9.2 I get the error message attached. I have changed his access as a System Administrator which I dont want to change permanently and I get the same error message.

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Gene Henson
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I noticed that it looks like the BarTender installer was started in the background behind the 1706 error message. Did you just click on the BarTender icon in the Windows Start Menu?

If so, I'd you to try running BarTender directly from the executable.

This should be down [u]C:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender Suite\BarTender[/u]

Look for "[b]bartend.exe[/b]" and double click on it.

What do you get if you try that?

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