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I've tried putting a preview of my label in Prompt Design. But because my objects are updated as soon as I change anything in Prompt Design, Bartender is loading in 4-5 sec for each object I need to change. If I delete the preview, there is no load time.

Therefore I thought it might be a good idea to have a preview button. As you can press when you have chosen the values ​​and wants to see the label. So it only needs to load 1 time and not every time I change something.

But to see the button, you have to add a image that is previewing your label and it will be showen when you press the Preview button.


Ian Cummings
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Are you using the label preview picture feature which was added to BarTender in version v9.40? When this preview image is used in the label's user prompt the updates occur instantaneously. If they aren't doing so for you then something is wrong with your BarTender installation.

Find details on this feature in the below white paper:
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Yes, it is the function I use. I saw the feature on a label I had downloaded from this forum. So I added it to my own label.

I've tried it on a fast computer with a demo version of Bartender and a slow computer with Bartender Professional. And the result was the same. 4-5 sec delay each time I change a field.

I have also made ​​a box for how many copies I want to print. Here it also delays of 4-5 sec, although the field does not have any connection to the database.

The delay was up to 8-10 sec in the beginning, but I can not remember what I changed, so it came down to the 4-5 sec.

In addition I can say that I get my information from an excel sheet which I connect to via VB script.

As mentioned earlier, there's no delay if I remove the preview.

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