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We have a BarTender Suite installed.


Edition: Enterprise Automation (50 Printers)

Version: 10.0 SR4

Build: 2868

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (x64), SP1



We have also a HP LaserJet 600 M602 with 5 output bins next to the normal output bin.
We have defined 5 printer queues (PRCHE0025, PRCHE0026, PRCHE0027, PRCHE0028 and PRCHE0029) on the server, each with their own output bin linked.
When we print the windows test page the printouts arrive on the correct output bin.
We made a bunch of BarTender layout files for A4 format. When I test for the first time the layout via a BTXML script with a printer in the PrintSetup, the printout also arrives on the right shelf.
But when I want to do the same for a layout to another printer queue (another shelf), the printout arrives again on the shelf of the first printout.
The same when I do it via Commander.
It looks like that the printer setting is overwritten.
As you can see in the attached screenshot.
It's like the first output bin is kept in cache somewhere.
Did someone have the same issue? Or does someone know how to solve this.
Best regards,


Domingo Rodriguez
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Let's see if any of the following workarounds will help:


  • Create 5 copies of the same BT document you plan to print, but set each copy to a different output bin.
  • Keep the "multiple printer instances solution". Change the BarTender document so that it is set to a non-HP printer (e.g. set it to use a Seagull driver for thermal printer instead) and then save this document. This will make it only store a DEVMODE that doesn't apply to HP, so I hope this will use the default setting when switching to the selected HP printer. Restart detection in Commander.
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Thanks for the reply.

I made the design of the label with a Printronix Thermal printer definition in it. But still the same problem.


Your first solution is not a solution for us, because:

- the program that makes our data-xml should be adapted, so the layout is dependent on the printer. This mix of business logic and layout logic is not a good idea.

- it's very hard to maintain, because the high number of different layouts.

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