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When we are printing the Labels thru .net LPS application, we saw randomly printing - excess or shortage - 1 label. As it is very random scenario, do not know why it is happening ? Can you pls advice is it an issue with Bartender.We are using Enterprise Automation Version 10.0 SR1.

Build - 2845 , OS - Windows 7 Enterprise [x64]


Domingo Rodriguez
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Do you get this issue no matter to which printer make and model you print to?


If you get this issue only when printing to a particular printer, let me know the following:


1. Is the printer locally connected to the PC where the BarTender engines are running? If yes, to which port? If no, how is it connected (directly via internal IP address, available via a print server box...).

2. Have you done a local install of the printer driver for this printer on the PC where BarTender is running?

3. Which printer make and model is it? What printer driver (and version) have you installed for this printer?

4. When you mean that it prints 1 label more or less than what it should be, do you mean identical copies for the same print job? Serialized copies perhaps? Or are you mainly sourcing your labels with variable data from a database?

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