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Hi, We had a situation where 1 job was started from 1 workstation, and got held (License server issue). Another workstation started another job using the same template, but we ended up with duplicate serial numbers, when the held job printed. From History Explorer, I could see this happening over the time span. The easiest solution I could think of would be to exclusively lock the template while a print job is in progress. Is there a way to do this in Bartender/Printstation (We are using v10.0 SR4)


Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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There's unfortunately not a way to do that natively from inside of BarTender in 10.0.  Although Print Station does save the label (and maintain the serialization) it doesn't do that until the print job ends, so there's still a window that another user could come in and print one and have it duplicate a number.  In BarTender 10.1, if you're using an Automation or higher edition, you can use Global data sources to actually store serial numbers externally in a SQL database, so there's never a situation where you have the opportunity to duplicate a serial number. 


In older versions of the software, really the only way to do it is to have it write out the serial number at print time to a file, than pull the data from that file on the next print run.  Take a look at http://seagullscientific.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1049-saving-serialization-number-to-start-next-print/ for some discussion on that.

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