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I'm having a problem when going to the next label template or work order that requires labels, it seems that the Windows Print Queue holds onto the previous label used. In order to fix the problem I have to go into the print queue on the server and delete all print jobs and have the operator type in the template and required number of labels and then it works. Sometimes to fix the problem, the operator can turn off their printer and press the online/offline to clear the queue. This fix does not work all of the time. Has anyone else seen this problem before?


My configuration is:


Bartender 10.1 SR3 Automation

SATO M8485se connected through Ethernet


Ian Cummings
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Could it be that in the printer driver properties, under the "Advanced" tab, that you've enabled the, "Keep printed documents" checkbox?


As a matter of course I suggest you update BarTender to the latest service release:


If you still have problems, perhaps a full printer driver removal using the Seagull Driver Wizard, reboot, and reinstall will cure the problem.

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