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I have seen, same posts with this problem, but in my situation is a little bit different. First of all, my configuration is:


  • A Network Printers Toshiba and Zebra installed in a W2012R2 server
  • Bartender 10.1 SR4 installed in a W2012R2 server
  • The same network printers Toshiba and Zebra installed in local pc's with the same name.
  • Bartender 7.1 installed in local pc's

My problem is, some labels are being printed with multiple printers, and some now are not working properly. For example:


-A label printer with bartender commander prints ok when i configured the label for this printer (Zebra-2488-z), but when i print the label with the other printer 2488, the label prints ok also. The problem comes after this two tests you want to print in the 2488-z another copy, you get nothing, or a red error in the printer.


-The same workflow with a TOSHIBA TEC-B-EV4T printer, generate a red led result and nothing printed.





Ian Cummings
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I don't really have enough info to go on here, but a printer fault is due to the content of the print job either being corrupted or using an invalid configuration.  The most usual is the print job specifying something like thermal transfer mode when no actual ribbon is loaded into the printer.  Or of course vice versa.

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