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I print a small label side by side on a CL-S631 printer, through Bartender 2016 (trial)


The data for the labels comes from an Excel spreadsheet which has about 75 products listed and each product line has a qty value to indicate how many labels of that product I want to print.


When I preview the print in Bartender, its shows each pair of labels in the order I would expect to see them. mostly two different products on a pair of labels, displaying all the products selected from the Excel sheet - all good so far :)


Then I click the PRINT command and out flow the labels except that each pair of labels is now a duplicate label, not what I saw in the print preview and the printed labels also skip a label missing out half the list :(


I have scoured the printing options looking for a duplicate tick box or similar and now I'm a bit stumped.


Would you advise what I need to investigate please?


Many Thanks



Ian Cummings
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Could it be that you selected a value of 2 for the print copies, giving two identical labels per product record?  You probably also need to calibrate the sensors on your label printer which you can do via the printer driver properties under the Tools tab.

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