Cannot Print Labels Unless Checked Out Follow


We have a very weird situation.


We have been creating, testing labels in BarTender and Librarian and all works perfectly. However when we go to PrintStation we get error 2622, you do not have rights to print.


If we go into Librarian and BarTender with the same account it prints fine.


Upon further tests we have found out that if the user checks out the file first then PrintStation works, if the file is checked in or checked out to another user then it fails with the error 2622.


We cannot be unique with this issue so any help would be gratefully received.


BarTender Enterprise Automation version 10.1 database version running on Windows 2012 server running SQL.


Many thanks




Ian Cummings
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I just tried this on my computer on BarTender 2016 and didn't see a problem.  All worked as expected.


Are you using the latest service release for v10.1 on your computer?


Getting in touch with tech-support to fault find your issue might be worth trying:

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