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I have an Excel file printing UPC labels to be used to re-ticket existing inventory.  The Excel file has a column for inventory location which is part of the sort sequence.  Inventory location does not print on the labels.


Excel Column 1 - Location

Excel columns 2 through 11 - ticket information


Is it possible to have Bartender print a label with the Inventory location at the start of each group of labels?  This will make it easier for the users to find the location where the inventory is located.


for example: inventory location 1 has 10 rows of ticket information, inventory location 2 has 5 rows of ticket information.  The format should print:


label 1 - Location 1

Label 2 through 11 - ticket information

label 12 - location 2

label 13 through 17 - ticket information









Ian Cummings
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Create a "Start of Group Template(s)" template under the "Templates" section of the Page Setup dialog, on which you set the location for the following record label.

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