Do Not Print One Name Data Source And Use That Space Follow




I'm working with BarTender 10.1

I create a format/template for some catalog numbers, 

Some of them does not has the first name data source in the paragraph, but they have
the rest...(imagine objects with name data sources in the next order)






I'll like to move the Volts and Desc to the line above when the Catalog number does not need the Amps name data source information...

Could that be possible ?? (see arrows in blue)

I tried to put them all together into a Word processor but when I remove the Amps info the line appears on black and the space still there.

I'll really appreciate your help...


Ian Cummings
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Put each of those in a standard paragraph text object with a data source for each field, separated by an embedded data data source which has a value of a carriage return.  For the carriage return data source that follows the Amps data source, adjust the transforms (suppression) so that the carriage return is suppressed if the previous data source is empty.

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