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I saw another post that described what I will call the "Amazon Print" technique. I want to print a UCC128 (SSCC#) label for the outside of a box, then a box manifest showing what is in the box.  If you get a carton from Amazon, you find the 128 label on the outside and the contents label inside the box.  They are two completely different label templates from two different source data files.


The goal is to feed a pick and pack line where a picker/packer gets the two labels together using one to pick the items into the box and the second label to place on the box.


1. Can Batchmaker manage this "mashup"  and

2. Can the Batch printing be automated by something like Commander?

We are using the Automation version 10.0 (but not Enterprise Automation)


Any help or reference to other documentation is appreciated.


Domingo Rodriguez
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Yes, BarTender should be perfectly able to be used for your "pick and pack line". Batch Maker can send two consecutive labels (different label templates, different source data files) in one go but in two separate print jobs to the same printer. If you set the document properties for the documents so that Peel Off (I suppose the pick and pack line will peel the label from its backing liner) feed mode is being used, then the next label / print job won't print until the label is peeled off and placed on the box.


Batch Maker .bat files are structured as BTXML-Script files. Yes, this batch printing can also be automated by using Commander. The best way to do this is to produce multiple print jobs in the same XML Script trigger file, but this would require you to own the Enterprise Automation Edition of BarTender. You could still produce multiple print jobs in the Automation Edition by using "Commander Script" parameters, but the source data file needs to be common for all BT documents in this case.

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