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Commander - Xmlscript Usage



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    Shotaro Ito
    Hi Don,

    You cannot run Multiple Commander in once, but a Commander can run multiple tasks. So you can divide the task to 2 tasks.

    The 1st task takes *.DCM file as trigger, then create *.XML command file (by OS command?) in scan folder.
    The 2nd task takes *.XML file created by 1st as trigger, and process the trigger as XML command.

    Hope that helps!
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    Legacy Poster
    [quote name='Don Maes' timestamp='1311995435' post='298']
    I am attempting to use commander to process data. Here is what I am doing:

    1. Within my application I create documents and save them. I write a trigger file to a specific directory. The trigger file has no data or garbage data within it. It’s just a text file used for detection.
    2. Commander
    a. Detects the file TriggerFile.DCM (my initials)
    b. Deletes the trigger file
    c. Runs a SQL script which in turn creates an XML file ‘TriggerFile.xml’
    d. Runs BartenderXML script (for the trigger file)

    This does not work. Invalid at top level of the document. By a process of elimination here is what I found:

    1. If I put a valid XML script in the triggerfile.dcm file the system would process label printing. However if the triggerfile.dcm file has a XML script to tell it to print part A, and the step 2c above created an XML file to print parts B, C and D – guess what – it prints only part A.

    In summary, the problem is that at the time the trigger file is created, I do not know the XML script I want to run. I am relying on Commander to call the script to run to create the XML file. Commander does not use the current file triggerfile.xml – but the original triggerfile.dcm contents for triggering commander is used.

    So here is what I want to do:
    1. Trigger commander by writing a txt or any extension file to a directory.
    2. Run a SQL command line to create an XML script file.
    3. Process the XML script file.

    If I use commander in 2 steps – run one commander process and stop it and then run a second commander process, everything runs fine because the trigger file is then the XML script file I created in the first place. My only thought right now is to have 2 executables of Commander running at the same time (by renaming one of them).

    Also – if instead of processing the /XMLScript=%TriggerContents% I could give it a specific file name, then I could also run this with no problem.

    Need some ideas on how to accomplish what I need. I am on 9.4 SR3 version.

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    Shotaro Ito
    Hi Don - it looks you quoted full post again, did that mean I musunderstood something? You can ask to our [url=""]technical support[/url] too.

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