Commanders Stops: Files Are Renamed But Labels Not Printed Follow




I'm using bartender automation 9.4 SR1


A task list with 3 simular taks is running in commander.

Trigger: file

Detection method: immediate

txt files are scanned in folder and renamed to bak files.


Everything works fine, but sometimes commander "hangs".

Files in the folder are renamed (not deleted so the processing is not complete), but labels are not printed.


Since production starts at 5.00 AM, this results in early wake up calls, which I do not like :angry:


Sometimes the problem is solved after restarting the tasklist + renaming the files back to *.txt

Sometimes I need the restart the bartender-services.

Sometimes I even got to reboot the entire server.


Any idea where to look?



Best regards






Ian Cummings
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Download and install the latest service release:


Check the BarTender command handler properties, specifically under the "Advanced" tab.  In v9.4 SR3 I believe there should be an option to specify a separate desktop memory heap.  Be sure to set this to separate at 512 KB.  If you still get issues raise it to 1024 KB.

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Hi Ian


Thank you!

I've updated bartender.


Can you specify where that I can find those bartender commander handler propertier?

Should I look in Commander? Which menu option?

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I have the same issue.  The server worked before (during trial version).  After I entered activation code, it stopped working.  The files are picked up and rename but nothing prints.  If I stops the commander, it says "Bartender has not finished processing all submitted jobs".  I have the latest version.



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