What Is The Ideal Commander Setup Follow


I currently have the Enterprise Automation license with max 150 printer license...   running on a network server...

I manually establish each printer on the server by it's unique  TCP/IP address and unique printer name....

I have defined in Commander an individual task list item for each printer..


If I increase this setup to 300 or 500 printers, is this method still a good rule to follow?


I could simply the task list to a smaller set based on printer location or printer naming convention, but I feel I might  loose "immediate" processing by printer if one printer happens to be printing hundreds of labels....


I am looking for confirmation this is a good method to follow or  if a better solution is known..


I have not utilized the multiple processes option that Enterprise has to offer....


Is there a max number of Task list items ?


is there a max number of Printers that can be defined?






Shotaro Ito
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Creating 150 tasks for each printer is not ideal solution as each task needs threads and triggers - I'd say if you plan more than 20 tasks, move to XML script (or Commander script).

In XML Script, you can specify printer, document(btw file) within trigger file.
By using XML script, you need to have only one task and assign some processes
(say that if you have quad core processor, assign 4 processes to the command handler in Command handler setup).
I don't have a great implementation guide for XML script - though it might helps.

Commander script trigger can specify printer and document too - though lack of some features such as
- Sequential print of multiple documents in order
- Receive response (error) from BarTender and forward to caller application
- Set named datasource (NamedSubstring) Value
- Export print preview image

This post might helps.

With Commander + XML Script / Commander script, there's many users who install hundreds of printers via TCP/IP and print.
When print server got too heavy to process bulk requests, you can run another server.
(you can run multiple BarTender + Commander servers with one license, as far as the servers can connect to a License Server.)

If not yet, please don't hesitate to ask to regional technical support.

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