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Hi guys,

I hope this makes sense, I have 2 spread sheets that i am trying to access via a single query prompt, is this possible?
Both spread sheets contain the same column headings just different data, for example..

[code]Spread sheet 1 (English Language)
Product Name PLU PackSize
Product 1 00100 14 Pack

Spread sheet 2 (German Language)
Product Name PLU Packsize
Produkt 2 00101 14 Pack[/code]

I am trying to create a query prompt that searches both spreadsheets by the PLU field.

Many thanks for any help that can be provided.


Domingo Rodriguez
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Are you trying to connect to two sheets within the same Excel spreadsheet, or are you trying to connect to two different Excel files?

Before creating a query prompt, you will need to establish a Join between these two spread sheets you're trying to connect to. Have you done this already via BarTender's database connection setup dialog? Without a Join you won't be able to proceed.

After creating the Join, you can still create a query prompt which will do the search on the new view which resulted from doing a Join between the two tables / databases. You would just choose the "query prompt" and create your prompt.

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