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Link/merge Two Data Sources


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    Fernando Ramos Miracle

    If you wish to share information between two data sources in a single document you have the below options:

    1. Firstly you could name the actual data source (enter the object's properties, select the data source and, under the "Data Source" tab click on the "Name" option button) and select that same name for the data source you wish to relate it with. This will effectively unite both data sources into one, any changes done in any of them will affect the other/s.

    2. You could use the "Object Value" data source type (instead of "Embedded data") to source the value of an entire object. Note that this will get the value of a text or barcode objects regardless of how many data sources it contains.

    3. Finally you could use VB Script to get the value of any named data source on your document. You can do it either by changing the data source type to "Visual Basic Script" or applying a script under the "Transforms" tab of the data source. The code to "call" the value of a named data source would be as follows:

    [i]Value = Format.NamedSubStrings("<DataSoureName>").Value[/i]

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